Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Brewing Projekt Rawr Review

Name: The Brewing Projekt Rawr
Style: India Pale Ale (Hazy/NE style)
ABV: 7%

So I’ve finally gotten around to reviewing beers from The Brewing Projekt (TBP), a brewery that has really taken off in popularity over the past year. Based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the brewery has become the darling of craft beer drinkers in both Wisconsin & Minnesota, especially the self-proclaimed “Haze-heads” since Hazy IPAs are arguably what TBP is best known for.

Which brings us to today’s beer: Rawr, a name that brings back memories using AOL IM as a means for communication & listening to Taking Back Sunday in my dorm on my old Toshiba Satellite laptop that, by today’s standards, looks extremely brickish & clunky. I will say that the name is kind of a missed opportunity. I mean, why not just name it “Rawr XD” and bring it full circle? Heck, even release a variation of the beer and giving it the name Rawr XD would suffice.

Anyways, let’s take a look at the beer.

Appearance – Bright/Dark hazy orange color with no visible carbonation. The head is nice, solid & foamy and there’s a healthy amount of lacing along the sides of the glass.

Aroma – The nose is a mix of grapefruit, citrus hops, orange peel and light kiwi; All backed up by a solid caramel malt backbone.

Taste – It’s pretty similar to the nose. You got that citra/grapefruit sweetness throughout the palate with that light kiwi flavor in the back. On the back end of the palate & aftertaste is more of that linger citrus sweetness and that caramel malt backbone.

I like this one. It’s got a very nice flavor profile and it’s just straight up easy to drink. The price of admission might be a tad steep, but the flavor makes it well worth it!

The Brewing Projekt Rawr – 9/10

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