Friday, August 19, 2016

Founders reDANKulous Review

Name: Founders ReDANKolous
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 9.5%
IBUs: 110

Look at that, I'm actually keeping my promise to stay on top of beers released by Founders.....sort of! With today's beer, I've been seeing this for roughly a year now. Which beer is that, you ask? Why it's reDANKulous! And yes, that is the correct way of spelling.

What's the story behind reDANKulous? Well from what I have gathered, it's an Imperial Red IPA which started out as a limited release series in bomber bottles but it has since been released in 12 oz. bottles. Also according to the things I've heard about reDANKulous, it's is actually supposed to be one of the dankest IPAs out there, which is just an absolute shock. Well if you're going to call your beer reDANKulous (God, I love saying that!), you might as well do your best to live up to the name.

Appearance - Mildly hazy dark red color with some light carbonation. There's a reasonably foamy head here along with some decent lacing.

Aroma - Strong piney & bitter hops with some Munich, toffee and caramel maltiness along with just a light touch of citrus notes. It certainly smells dank at this point.

Taste - Pretty strong piney and citrus hops upfront that linger throughout the palate.Towards the middle is where 'm getting a big toffee & caramel malt backbone that continues on to the back. In the back, you do just get a touch of citrus hops on the very end. The aftertaste is fairly bitter hop and caramel malt forward and lingers on for a few moments after a sip is taken.

Is reDANKulous as dank as the name suggests? The answer is a resounding yes! It's hoppy, piney and bitter all rolled into one but the malt backbone gives it enough support that it doesn't collapse on itself into a dank mess. If you're not into bitter IPAs, then it goes without saying that this isn't the beer for you. But for those of us looking for a really dank IPA, then you will get more than your money's worth with reDANKulous.

Founders reDANKulous - 9/10

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