Sunday, July 24, 2016

A look at the McAle's Hard Sodas

On April Fools Day, I thought it would be hilarious to do a review of McAle's Hard Orange 'n Cream, an alcoholic orange soda which I had found at Total Wine and jokingly referring to it as better than any other beer that I'd had giving it a score of 1000000000/10, with a disclaimer at the very bottom of the review stating that I wasn't actually being serious or popped a membrane.

It was a review that I tried to inject as much sarcasm into it as possible and many of you found the review to be funny, which was the intent. In all actuality, it was just an alcoholic soda that struck me as being too artificial and sweet for my liking, but nowhere near as offensive as Four Loko Blue Hurricane. Soon thereafter, the review faded from memory; I had my laughs but I moved on.

Then last month as I was out running, I got a Twitter notification on my phone and this was the tweet that popped up...

My first question to myself was "Did they even bother to read the entire review or were they playing along with my 2 month old joke review?" Either way, I couldn't help but feel sorry for them since I had pretty much a mockery of their product. However, it also inspired me to take a look at some of their other products. Now I'm aware that there I missed a couple hard sodas with these reviews but bear in mind to that I grabbed what was available. Depending on how this article does, I may or may not review the ones I couldn't find at a later date. For now, I'm looking at what I was able to get my hands on.

McAle's Hard Cola (6% ABV)

I figured I'd start off with this one first seeing as how many people associate cola with soda. Right off the bat, I'm getting some boozy notes and malts in the nose, along with that typical cola flavoring. As for the flavor, you've that cola taste with some of that malty grit that you find in hard beverages along with a light but noticeable boozy taste.

It tastes like generic brand soda with some vodka or rum added in but it isn't gut wrenchingly awful like Blue Hurricane. With that said, I won't be having this again anytime soon.

McAle's Hard Cola - 5/10

McAle's Hard Root Beer (6% ABV)

Much like the Cola before it, I'm getting some malty grittiness but I'm also getting some surprisingly good sarsaparilla and vanilla notes here. However, like the cola before it, you've still got that malt grit paired with some sarsaparilla and vanilla notes and that boozy taste along with it

Unlike the Hard Cola, this one doesn't feel as artificial in terms of overall flavor, so it's slightly better than the first one but I definitely wouldn't have this again.

McAles's Hard Root Beer - 5.5/10

McAle's Hard Ginger Ale (6% ABV)

Once again I'm getting that malt grittiness upfront along with some moderate ginger notes in the nose, while the flavor has a nice ginger zing to it that lingers long after you take a sip and there's just a touch of that malt grit on the palate.

Of the three I've had, this one is hands down my favorite one and if you were to offer this to me in the future, I would probably have this again. As it stands, this one is alright.

McAle's Hard Ginger Ale - 7/10

I find it ironic that they say that each can says that these are based on an "Old Fashioned Secret Family Recipe", despite being at the United Brands Company in La Crosse, Wisconsin, who also gave us the infamous Joose brand malt liquor and is probably associated with the same company that made Four Loko.

Despite my "liking" of the last one, I don't think I need to review the rest of the McAle offerings, because while they're all drinkable at the very most, the quality of these hard sodas are pretty consistent in quality and plus I really am not the biggest fan of these types of drinks, even though there isn't anything I would consider to be horribly offensive about them. As for me, I'm happy just sticking with beer.

Also McAle's, if you're reading this, this is how I REALLY feel about your products.

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