Friday, April 15, 2016

Uinta Farm Side Review

Name: Uinta Farm Side
Style: Saison
ABV: 5.6%

I don't think I've ever had anything from Uinta Brewing before even though I seem to see their Hop Nosh IPA seemingly everywhere, plus the people who I've talk to swear by it as being one of the best IPAs in America. However, we're going to focus on their Farm Side Saison, which according to what I've dug up it, it is a brand new release from the brewery as a spring seasonal.

According to the label, it's also made with Gooseberries and white grape must.........or white grape juice. Ok, there's no need to be pretentious here by using fancy wordage, just say white grape juice, it doesn't make you any less of an adult by saying it.

Appearance - Mildly hazy dark yellow color with a high amount of visible carbonation. The head is quite thin but has good retention but the lacing left behind is quite sparse.

Aroma - Pilsner malts & lemongrass, followed by some light Belgian yeasts and a touch of floral and citrus hops. I am maybe getting a hint of grape in here but it isn't immediately apparent.

Taste - Pilsner malts and Belgian Yeasts, followed up with some pilsner and pale malts along with some lemongrass. Towards the back, I'm getting some mild spice heat, light Belgian yeasts and a hint of floral hops. Aftertaste is mainly light belgian yeasts and a dash of cloves. Again there's also a light hint of grape in here but I'm not getting any gooseberries.

This is a pretty good Saison, even though I'm not getting much of the flavors touted on the bottle. From what I gathered, it's also very reasonably priced so that also makes it easier to recommend. Plus with spring officially here, this is the perfect beer to mark this occasion.

Uinta Farm Side - 8.5/10

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