Thursday, March 17, 2016

Summit 30th Anniversary Double IPA Review

Name: Summit 30th Anniversary Double IPA Review
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 8.5%
IBUs: 101

Well, one of Minnesota's most respected craft brewery's is celebrating the big 3-0 this year. That's right, Summit is now offically 30 years old. To celebrate this occasion, they're releasing 4 limited release beers throughout 2016 to mark this occasion.

The first beer in the series, which we will be looking at today, is an Imperial IPA. This is also the second Imperial IPA that I will have had from Summit, with the first being their Hop Silo, which was released as part of their Unchained Series last year.

Appearance - Mildy hazy yellow color with some equally mild carbonation. The head is nice and foamy with a ton of lacing.

Aroma - Pineapple, mango & grapefruit notes along with some apricot and peach sweetness. I'm also getting a light hint of caramel maltiness and light yeasts.

Taste - Potent peach, pineapple & other tropical fruits like mangoes and pineapple on the front of the palate. Towards the middle is where that tropical citrus hoppiness transitions towards a bitter hop flavor. On the back end of the palate is mainly more bitter hops, pale malts and yeasts.

If this beer is any indicator of how this series will turn out, then I am eagerly looking forward to what the rest of this series has in-store. There's a ton of rich & robust flavors going on in this beer, all of which becomes more prevalent as it warms up. I'm not sure what the exact availability is for this beer but it is most certainly worth checking out should you come across it.

Summit 30th Anniversary Double IPA - 9.5/10

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