Friday, December 18, 2015

Toppling Goliath Light Speed Review

Name: Toppling Goliath Light Speed
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.8%

Well today is the day that the new Star Wars movie comes out. Hard to believe that the last time a Star Wars movie was in theaters, I was only in high school. Unlike the majority of Americans, I will be waiting a few weeks before I actually go and see it, since I've always hated crowded movie theaters. Plus I know that The Force Awakens will be making the runs for a long time.

Anyways in celebration of the release, I've decided to take a look at a beer that is related to Star Wars....sort of. Toppling Goliath has finally started bringing their specialty bombers to Minnesota and the one I'll be looking at is the Lightspeed Pale Ale, which is brewed with Millennium & Falconer's Flight Hops; how clever.....

I did a little digging about this beer and I found out that it actually was called Millennium at one point, but I'm guessing they had to change it due to the risk of copyright issues lest they incur the wrath of Disney.

Appearance - Moderately hazy dark orange color with no visible carbonation. Head starts out somewhat foamy but ultimately takes on a thin filmy white appearance. There's also a good amount of lacing left behind along the sides of the glass

Aroma - Rich orange peel and citrus hops mixed in with some toffee & pale maltiness. I'm also getting some mango & grapefruit notes in here as well. It smells remarkably similar to PseudoSue....

Taste - Bitter & citrus hops on the front of the palate with some mild mango sweetness in the middle, followed by some grapefruit rinds and toffee maltiness. Aftertaste is primarily mildly bitter & citrus hoppiness with some pale maltiness.

It's a good solid beer overall and the choice of hops, no matter what the intent was, manages to come together quite well. Though I can't help but feel that many of TG Pale Ales feel too similar to one another in terms of overall flavor....but you know what? As long as they're still good, I'll keep drinking them.

Toppling Goliath Light Speed - 8.5/10

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