Monday, August 3, 2015

Lone Pint Yellow Rose Review

Name: Lone Pint Yellow Rose
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.8%
IBUs: 62

Been busy the past couple of days but I'm back at it, let's have a beer! I've got a couple beers left in my Texas craft beer package and I'm moving onto the next one. This time around, I've got a beer from a place called Lone Pint Brewery based out of Magnolia, Texas. I've got their Yellow Rose, which is described as a single malt and single hop (SMASH) IPA. And what do you know, the hop used is Mosaic!

I believe the beer gets its name from the folk song "The Yellow Rose of Texas," which itself comes from the folklore of Emily D. West, also known as, you guessed it, The Yellow Rose of Texas. Since I'd rather get to the beer, this article does a much better job of explaining things and worth a read if you've got a couple minutes to kill.

Appearance - Darker yellow color with a good amount of haziness and a mild amount of visible carbonation. The head is fairly foamy in appearance and the lacing is quite abundant.

Aroma - Right away I'm getting some pungent citrus hop notes, a bit of a floral aroma and some toffee maltiness. So far, it's got all the signs of a SMASH IPA.

Taste - Moderate Citrus hop and light grapefruit notes with some more toffee maltiness, a bit of light yeastiness and a moderate bitter hop aftertaste that lingers around of a couple of moments.

Since it's a SMASH IPA, it's not expected to have an overly complex flavor and that is most certainly the case here. At the same time, it's nice and drinkable without being in-your-face in regards to the hoppiness of the beer. I'd say if you're looking for an IPA that's good and not for mulling over, check this out!

Lone Pint Yellow Rose - 8/10 

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