Friday, July 10, 2015

How I got into Craft Beer (Part 2)

In my previous post, I mentioned that my first experience with craft beer (and Surly) back in 2009 was probably not the best experience I had ever had; Having been given a Surly Furious for my first non-macro beer was probably not the best way to get me acquainted with craft beer. Looking back, I saw that my friend's intentions were good but he probably didn't know that I had no concept of craft beer.

About a month after that whole incident, me and a friend of mine decided to goto Surdyk's in Northeast Minneapolis as they were having a Labor Day sale of sorts. Upon our arrival, we noticed New Belgium had about 4 tables set up in the front of the store. At this time, I believe they had just started distributing to Minnesota and were looking for ways to reach out to the local populace.

I decided to try out a sample of a little known beer called Fat Tire: a name which I thought, at the time, was rather bizarre. Amongst the other names were Mothership Wit, Somersault and other one that I don't remember. It was at this moment that I was told by the representative that New Belgium was a craft brewery.

I was still reeling from my experience with Surly Furious when I was told this, knowing full well that they too were a craft brewery. I should also point out too that I hadn't yet realized that there was more to craft beer than just IPAs and I almost didn't try out the sample of Fat Tire. Still, my friend encouraged me to try it out anyways

So I took a sip....

Upon finishing the tiny Dixie Cup-sized glass, I was taken aback by the flavor because it was like a world of flavors was swimming around in my mouth. I still remember it: the biscuit malts, the light roastiness, the yeastiness and that light floral hoppiness. I still remember asking myself: Is this what craft beer is supposed to taste like? Fat Tire was awesome, but the Mothership Wit is what truly sold me. It had such a light yet robust flavor for a beer and I remember afterwards buying their sampler pack.

It was an eye-opening experience for me and after this I would dabble in the lighter side of craft beers, usually consisting of amber & wheat beers. It wouldn't be until a couple of years later that I again branched off into the heavier beers like IPAs & stouts. I even managed to fall in love with Surly Furious during that time but I'm still sure that my server from Pizza Luce still thinks of me as evil.

Oh and if you're reading this, New Belgium, please bring back Mothership Wit!

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