Sunday, July 26, 2015

Boulevard Hibiscus Gose Review

Name: Boulevard Hibiscus Gose
Style: Gose
ABV: 4.2%
IBUs: 11

Look who's back after a 2 year absence, Boulevard Brewing! Last time I saw you, I was just leaving for Duluth. My goodness, you haven't changed at all! Let's catch up since we haven't seen each other for two years and what better way to do so than with reviewing a beer?

Today, I've got their Hibiscus Gose, which is some that I believe that have just recently added to their line-up since I last had anything from them. In addition to being brewed with Hibiscus, this is also brewed with coriander and........sea salt?! There's another Gose out there that I know of that I know of which is brewed with sea salt and that's Six Point's Jammer. Maybe I'll get around to reviewing it one day.

Appearance - Mildly hazy yellow-pinkish salmon color with a mild amount of visible carbonation. The head has a bit of volume to it but is quite fizzy for the most part and the lacing is sparse at best.

Aroma - Strong cereal grains & pale malts upfront with some saltiness. Even after warming up a bit, the hibiscus and coriander notes are mild at best. Not trying to fault the beer here, I'm just pointing out that it's rather adjunct-y in the nose.

Taste - Strong saltiness and moderate hibiscus notes on the front of the palate, with the coriander showing up in the middle of the flavor and lingering until the end. The back end of the palate & aftertaste is made up of pale malts, light floral hops, more salt, and hibiscus. Everything is here but the salt is strong with this one.....a little too strong.

This would be an awesome Gose, except for the fact that it feels like I'm eating drinking a spoonful of salt with every sip. I understand that Gose beers are supposed to be salty/sour but this one overdoes it to the point where it interferes with the other elements of the flavor. Everything else works just fine but it's eclipsed by all that sea salt.

Boulevard Hibiscus Gose - 6/10

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