Monday, June 8, 2015

The Angry Inch Brewing Kickstarter

To all my fellow readers,

You all know that I love Angry Inch Brewing and I have written about them on several occasions. Some of you may even remember my excitement when I announced that they were going to finally open their doors later this year.

Right now, they are on track to open their brewery sometime this summer in beautiful downtown Lakeville, Minnesota. However like many starting their own small business, not everything goes according to plan.

Recently a good friend of theirs, who was also an investor, had to back out due to a life-changing family emergency. So now they need our help to cover the cost of finishing the construction, which is why they have launched a Kickstarter campaign.

With this Kickstarter, they are looking to raise $30,000 to complete their taproom build out with an extended goal of $50,000 to help furnish the taproom, purchase glassware and finish their pilot system so they can focus on making great beer. For rewards, they've included rewards which include limited edition growlers & apparel and exclusive AiBfriend membership. They've also sweetened the deal by giving people the opportunity to be assistant brewer for a day and, for the highest reward tier, being able to design and brew a batch of beer with the brewers that will be served in the taproom.

I'll say that again: You get to design and brew a batch of beer with the brewers themselves.

I am sharing this all with you because I believe that, with all the ideas and innovation they have going on, they are going to become one of the next big craft breweries in Minnesota. I remember first meeting these guys back when they were nothing more than a garage set-up and now they're on the verge of becoming a fully fledged production brewery; To say these guys have come a long way would be an understatement.

I'm asking everyone to help spread the word about this Kickstarter and, if possible, help Angry Inch Brewing reach their goal. At the time of writing this, they've raised just over $7,000 over the course of four days.

As always, If you'd like to get up to date information about Angry Inch Brewing, you can follow them on both:

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I think we can do this, everyone!



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  1. Thank you nick for your unending support! We can't wait to see what the future brings!