Monday, March 30, 2015

Summit Great Northern Porter Review

Name: Summit Great Northern Porter
Style: Porter
ABV: 5.6%

Summit Brewing Great Northern Porter: a beer that I feel is often overlooked when it comes to the their offerings. Sure they have 6 packs of this beer and it's often a staple of Summit's Seasonal Sampler packs but I feel this beer doesn't get enough love. After all, between their EPA, Unchained and Union series, there's alot going on at the brewery.

That's too bad because I feel that it is unique in that it's one of the few porters from any Minnesota brewery that is exclusively brewed year-round. In fact, I've only seen this beer on-tap in particular maybe 2-3 times at the very most whenever I go out, with the Minnesota State Fair being one instance.

Appearance - Pitch black with no visible carbonation. The head is thin and khaki colored with some pretty good lacing; Both the head and lacing retention are prolonged and quite nice

Aroma - Strong Chocolate Malts and roasted barley are prominent at the top of the nose. This is followed by some light toffee sweetness & mild but noticeable floral hops.

Taste - Strong chocolate malts and toffee sweetness upfront with some moderate roastiness in the middle with some bitter and floral hops on the back end of the palate. The aftertaste is a mix of bitter hops and roasted barley.

I have always felt Great Northern Porter is an underappreciated offering from one of the most well-known breweries in the Midwest. If you find it in your heart, give this beer a little love and you will be surprised with just how good it is.

Summit Great Northern Porter - 9/10

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