Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tin Whiskers Ampere Amber Review

Name: Tin Whiskers Ampere Ale
Style: Amber Ale
ABV: 5.3%

It's always exciting to try out beers from a new brewery. Which is why I'm psyched to try out my first beer from Tin Whiskers Brewing Company. The beer I've decided to try out is their Ampere Amber, which you may have guessed, is an Amber Ale. Ampere is a unit to measure electric currents, which makes sense when you consider that the founders of Tin Whiskers are electrical engineers by trade.

Interestingly enough, they talk about how there is some mintiness in both the aroma and flavor, something which I have never seen in an Amber Ale before.

Ampere Amber pours a dark yet fairly clear amber color with mild carbonation. The head is quite foamy with some good lacing.

The aroma starts out some surprisingly strong chocolate malts followed by some floral hops, mild roastiness and, like the bottle says, a hint of mint.

As for the taste, it starts out with some floral and light citra-hoppiness & yeasts before giving away to a chocolate maltiness, roasted barley, and some light mintiness which shows up on the back end of the palate. There's also a mild encompassing bitterness in the overall flavor as well and shows up mostly in the aftertaste along with the mintiness

Another great Amber Ale in less than a week? I must be on a roll here! In all seriousness, Ampere is a very well put together Amber Ale with a fairly complex taste. Plus it's very reasonably priced as I paid just around $5 for this bomber. After having this, I can't wait to see what else this brewery can do!

Tin Whiskers Ampere Ale - 9/10

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