Sunday, December 21, 2014

Milwaukee Brewing Louie's Demise Review

Name: Milwaukee Brewing Louie's Demise
Style: Amber Ale
ABV: 5.5%

It's been a few months since I've reviewed anything from Milwaukee Brewing Company, but thankfully I'm looking to make up lost time by reviewing their self-proclaimed flagship beer Louie's Demise, which is the brewery's Amber Ale.

Now I had a variation of this beer last year called Louie's Resurrection, which was a more imperialized version of their Amber Ale but aged in bourbon barrels. Sadly I didn't take notes at the time, let alone take a photo of the said beer. Hopefully in the near future, I can do a proper review of that beer. For the time being, this will have to do.

Louie's Demise pour a clear red color with no visible carbonation. The head is quite foamy and the lacing is abundant.

The aroma is mainly toffee malts, a bit of roasted barley, some chocolate notes and some bitter hoppiness.

The flavor is toffee & chocolate malts, roasted barley, and bitter hops. Aftertaste is mild roastiness but otherwise dry.

Louie's Demise is a fairly straight-forward amber ale and the flavor really leaves something more to be desired, it almost makes you wish that you were drinking something better. It plays it safe with the flavor but it gets the job done and but it's certainly not one of the better amber ales I've had recently.

Milwaukee Brewing Louie's Demise - 6/10

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