Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bauhaus Brew Labs Jingle Fever Review

Name: Bauhaus Brew Labs Jingle Fever
Style: Baltic Porter
ABV: 8%

It's always exciting to review a new beer, but it's even more exciting if that said beer is from a brand new brewery. Which is why I'm excited to review Jingle Fever from Bauhaus Brew Labs. Most winter seasonals are usually Winter Warmers or Stouts, but Bauhaus is changing that up by giving beer drinkers a Baltic Porter. This is also the first beer I've had from Bauhaus that's in a bottle as opposed to a can.

Jingle Fever pours a pitch black color and I'm not picking up on any carbonation. The head is quite thin and takes on a khaki-colored appearance and the lacing is good.

The nose starts out with a nice roasted barley and robust chocolate maltiness. I'm also getting some sweet-smoky malts paired with some bitter hoppiness. Smells like a beer I'd drink during the winter.

Flavor-wise, the chocolate/smoked malts and roasted barley make up the first half of the flavor. The second half of the flavor is has some dark fruitiness paired with some black licorice. The aftertaste is mainly bitter hoppiness, light smokiness, and roasted barley.

Jingle Fever is an excellent and robust tasting beer and a great showcase of the Baltic Porter style. Since it's only available during the winter season, be sure to grab this while you still can. Also if you so happen to be a fan of Baltic Porters, this will definitely be up your alley.

Bauhaus Brew Labs Jingle Fever - 9.5/10

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