Monday, October 20, 2014

Evil Twin Yin Review

Name: Evil Twin Yin
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 10%

I've got a couple more beers from Evil Twin Brewing that I have been meaning to get around to review and the first one is another Imperial Stout simply called Yin. According to the label, it is suggested that you mix it with Yang, which is an Imperial IPA also made by Evil Twin and will be my next review.

The brewery refers to Yin as an Imperial Taiji Stout, so of course I had to find out what Taiji meant. According to my research, Taiji is a small town located on the southern-southeast coast of Japan

Yin pours a pitch black color with a dark brown head. The lacing left behind is pretty good and the head has some pretty good retention.

The aroma starts out with a strong chocolate malt profile with mild bitter hoppiness, roasted barley and a marshmallow-like sweetness. Compared to I Love You, this one smells more like a traditional Imperial Stout.

Flavor is very roasty upfront followed up with some chocolate malt notes before ending with a bitter hop and roasted barley aftertaste. It's unusual to see the flavor isn't as complex as the nose leads me to believe, nor as vibrant in terms of taste.

The body is surprisingly light and this, which is unusual for an Imperial Stout. The carbonation is also fairly light too.

If the flavor were as complex and robust as the nose, this would be an excellent Imperial Stout. As it stands right now, it's an okay Imperial Stout but my overall thoughts on this beer are that it leaves something more to be desired.

Evil Twin Yin - 7.5/10

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