Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Three Floyds Robert The Bruce Review

Name: Three Floyds Robert the Bruce
Style: Scottish Ale
ABV: 6.5%

After nearly a week of being out of commission, the charger for my Macbook finally arrived in the mail! With power restored to my laptop, it's finally time to look at a beer that I have been meaning to getting around to posting. However my notes were on the Macbook so I had to use my wife's laptop to post my articles.

Tonight's beer is Robert The Bruce, yet another offering from Three Floyds Brewing which I received in a beer mail trade. The beer is named after Robert the Bruce, whom fought for Scottish Independence while the King of Scots during the early 14th Century.

Robert The Bruce pours a very dark brown color with a shade of crimson tinge along the sides of the glass. The head is best described as a thin, off-white khaki color. I'm not picking up on too much in terms of carbonation or lacing though.

The nose is very chocolate malt forward, some roasted barley in the middle with a slight hoppiness on the backend. Not overly complex but to its credit, it does smell pretty good.

The flavor is very chocolate malt heavy upfront and some barley & coffee ground roastiness to help balance things out. The aftertaste is fairly roasty and I am picking up on a light hoppiness as well but it isn't apparent at first glance.

The palate possesses a moderate body weight with some mild thickness and some equally mild carbonation. Overall I found this pretty easy to drink.

To me, Scottish Ales are usually pretty good but are seldom the type of beer that make me want to come back for more. That said, this was an absolute pleasure to drink. The flavor is very well-balanced yet vibrant at the same time and I would go out of my way to try this again.

3 Floyds Robert the Bruce - 9/10

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