Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Three Floyds Gumballhead Review

Name: Three Floyds Gumballhead
Style: American Pale Wheat Ale/Wheat Beer
ABV: 5.6%

Now for the last Three Floyds beer from my beer which I received a few weeks back. This time around, it's Gumballhead, the brewery's Wheat Ale. The beer's name comes from Gumballhead The Cat, which is an Underground comic series by Rob Syers and Skin Graft Records. It's hard to describe what EXACTLY Gumballhead is about but from I've read, it's about an anthropomorphic cigarette-smoking cat whose average day is like a cross between that of Frank Castle and Tyler Durden.

I've actually had this beer before at Jack's Tap while I was living in Chicago. At the time, I was really impressed with how good it tasted but I don't remember much else. The only other thing I remember about Gumballhead was that my co-worker at the time raved about how it was his favorite beer.

Gumballhead pours a very hazy yellow color with a decent amount of visible carbonation and the head is soapy white in appearance.

The nose starts out with some fairly strong citrus hops and an equally strong malted wheat profile. I'm also picking on some fairly strong grapefruit notes in here too as well as some lager yeasts which sit on the back end. Even though it's been a couple years since I've had this, I never noticed how similar it smelled to a Pale Lager.

The flavor is pretty citra hop forward at first but the malted wheat backbone gains some momentum here to the point where it slowly starts to overtake. There is also a minor but encompassing grassy and yeasty taste at work here too. The aftertaste is a bit on the dry side with a light but sweet tangerine flavor.

The body is moderately weighted that is light in terms of thickness. The carbonation is pretty moderate which gives it a nice crisp texture.

Gumballhead is held to high regards in the craft beer community for being an explementary example of the Wheat Beer style and having this beer only reinforces that belief. Everything from the robust hop profile and well-balanced maltiness makes this an absolute pleasure to drink and one of the best wheat beers out there right now. Even those who aren't huge fans of the Wheat beer style will no doubt find something to enjoy about with this beer.

Three Floyds Gumballhead - 9.25/10

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