Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Angry Inch Daddy's Honey Pot Review

Name: Angry Inch Daddy's Honey Pot
Style: Saison
ABV: 8.6%

For these next few reviews as I will be looking at some beers from breweries that are currently in the works. While they are technically still considered "homebrews," I will be treating these beers the same way I would from any brewery in terms of scoring.

Also, new logo!

My first review comes courtesy of Angry Inch Brewing based out of Rosemount, Minnesota. I've been talking with the guys from Angry Inch for about a year now and even did a write-up on them a few months back where I sampled their beers. This time around, I'm able to sit down and take a more in-depth look into their offerings. The first beer I will be taking a look at is their Daddy's Honey Pot Saison, which is a Saison brewed with honey. 

The monkier of this beer comes from a nickname that a friend brewer/co-owner Jon's goes by. This beer also won them 1st Place at last year's Beer Dabbler in the Belgian Homebrew Category and is a crowd favorite at tasting events.

Daddy's Honey Pot pours a very hazy yellow color with little in terms of visible carbonation. The head pours a thin white color before fading away, although it does leave behind some soapy lacing.

The nose is fairly Belgian Yeast forward with some sweet honey notes, cloves, and toffee-like malts. There's a bit of mild hoppiness in here too but it's tucked away in the back.

The flavor strikes more of a balance with prominent Belgian Yeasts & Honey notes upfront followed by some floral hoppiness and cloves. The back end of the flavor and aftertaste is a cross between honey and caramel maltiness with a hint of hop bitterness.

The palate possess a reasonably heavy body but has some mild carbonation. It's the type of mouthfeel you'd expect if you want to experience the flavors that this beer has to offer.

I mentioned a few paragraphs up that this was a big hit at the Beer Dabbler and the reasons are apparent: It's a flavorful saison with a sweet and unique spin to it. Should you find yourself at one of their tasting events, I would highly recommend checking this out.

Angry Inch Daddy's Honey Pot - 9/10

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