Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale Review

Name: Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.4%

It's time to look at another fairly recent addition to Goose Island Brewing's lineup. I give to you 312 Urban Pale Ale, an American Pale Ale that takes it's naming cue from 312 Urban Wheat. I do have to admit that the updated label art for both new and existing Goose Island beers is quite nice and easy on the eyes, and this beer is certainly no exception. Like some Goose Island beers I've looked at before, it once again likes to remind us it's a Windy City-based brewery.

312 Urban Pale Ale pours a clear orange color. I am picking up on a small amount of carbonation bubbles making their way from the bottom of the glass and the head is fairly thin but with decent retention. A bit of lacing here and there along the sides as well.

The aroma starts out with some floral hops, a bit of piney bitterness and toffee sweetness. There is also some encompassing dry hoppiness that lingers throughout the nose.

The taste starts out with some floral hops and dry hops which are a bit more present than they were in the nose. There's also some citrus hoppiness in there and a bit of toffee maltiness too. It does have a bit of a grassy earthiness and a bitter resiny finish.

The body is pretty moderate in terms of weight and the carbonation is pretty light; A slight bite to it but not enough to make it moderate. It does feel pretty crisp though.

312 Urban Pale Ale is a fairly run-of-the-mill APA that doesn't do anything different. At the same time, if you're debating amongst yourself what to get next time you're at the store, then I suppose this would be worth checking out

Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale - 8/10

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