Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bell's Third Coast Beer Review

Name: Bell's Third Coast Beer
Style: Blonde Ale
ABV: 4.8%

I know I've reviewed quite a few offerings already from Bell's Brewery but I've never taken a look at one of there more well known staples (unless you count Two-Hearted of course.) Tonight I bring you Bell's Third Coast Beer, a blonde ale style beer. This is not to be confused with Bell's Old Third Coast, which is a barleywine style ale and the total opposite of what the beer in question is

Third Coast Beer pours a hazy yellow color with a thin filmy head, mild carbonation and some decent lacing.

The aroma of has a moderate pale malt base with some mild floral hops & barley. A noticeable pilsner-like earthiness also permeate the nose.

Likewise, the flavor is pretty much the same as the nose. You've got a mild floral hoppiness mixed in with some pils & pale malts with some barley thrown in. The only noticeable difference is that there is a dry but grassy aftertaste.

The palate has a pretty light body and thankfully the carbonation is very light as well. It doesn't have a crisp feeling but it's very easy to drink.

Bell's Third Coast Beer is a decent Blonde Ale that both craft beer and macro lager drinkers will no doubt find something to like about this beer. With that said, it's not terribly impressive in terms of flavor and I can think of better examples of a Blonde Ale......but as I said before, it's decent and you aren't going wrong by giving this a try.

Bell's Third Coast Beer - 7.5/10

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