Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Swag Brewery Porter Beer Soap Review

I recently received a care package containing a couple of goodies courtesy of Swag Brewery, a company based out of Minneapolis, MN that specializes in craft beer themed gifts. They have anything from your standard apparel, pint glasses, and coasters. However they also sell more speciality items like beer-cap earrings, hop candy and beer soap; You read that correctly: Beer Soap. It is also what I am reviewing tonight. The Porter Beer Soap is the first soap of the two I had received, the other being an Apricot Wheat Beer Soap which I will be looking at in the very near future.

Earlier today after getting off work, I had gone to workout for about an hour. After getting home, I figured I would put the soap to the test and have a nice shower beer to go along with it. Hey it's only fitting right? Plus, some scientists in Spain suggested that having a beer after a workout is good for you.

**NOTE** This will NOT make you smell like beer

Upon opening it up, I was treated to a surprisingly sweet & pleasant aroma of vanilla, chocolate, and licorice. This may sound a bit strange, but I wish that this was edible because it smells heavenly! Whenever I use soap, the only thing I usually care about is that it cleanses me. The aroma that this soap gives off is so good that, as strange as this may sound, makes me wish I could taste this!

However I don't want to get poisoning by ingesting soap, so I will resist temptation and use it for it's intended purpose: washing the body.

After drying off, I had a nice chocolate and light vanilla aroma to myself. It reminded me of a AXE deodorant I sometimes use but a little more subtle. On top of that, unlike some other soaps I have tried, this soap doesn't make my skin dry which helps considering how much lifting & running I do during my workout routine.

It's the perfect gift for that beer geek friend of yours and for those who are looking for something a bit different! What I enjoyed most about this is that it smells great, leaves the skin hydrated and I think that this could be a huge seller for Swag Brewery; All of which make this a very easy-to-recommend purchase.

Should You Buy This - Yes!

P.S. Keep an eye out for the other beer soap review in the very near future!

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