Thursday, October 10, 2013

Swag Brewery Apricot Wheat Soap Review

Now onto the second beer soap which I received courtesy of Swag Brewery, a craft beer-themed gift company based out of Minneapolis, MN. They have everything from hop candy to earrings & apparel and even soap! Check them out if you haven't already.

Last week, I reviewed their Porter Soap which I thought was quite awesome and made me want to eat the soap because it smelled THAT good. This week, it's I have their Apricot Wheat Beer Soap so I'm very eager to try this out and after a good workout, what better time to try it?

This has an orange appearance with tiny specks of what I assume are the wheat and walnut. It looks like something that one would find at Bath & Body Works (I mean that in a good way!)

As for the smell, it has a very sweet & fruity apricot aroma along with a slight spiciness and a touch of wheat. Compared to the Porter Beer Soap, this smells more like an actual soap you'd find at Bath & Body Works (Again, in a good way!)

When applied to the body, it leaves behind a sweet yet pleasant apricot scent and a slight spicy/wheat smell. On top of that, it gets rid of all of that sweat and body odor and it leaves the skin feeling moist. Certain soaps leave my skin feeling rather dry but this one leaves it feeling refreshed.

I really like this! This is the perfect gift for that beer geek in your life. I can safely say that this has the potential to be a really big seller. As a standalone soap, it holds up quite nicely and I hope more people take note of that.

I wasn't too sure about the concept of beer soap before but after trying out some of Swag's offerings, I am a believer in the power of beer soap!

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