Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rogue Dead Guy Ale Review

Name: Rogue Dead Guy Ale
Style: Heller Bock
ABV: 6.6%

There is usually a debate about some breweries over which beer it is most well known for. In the case of Rogue Ales, everyone pretty much agrees (myself included) that their flagship beer is their Dead Guy Ale. It is considered by many to be the beer with put the brewery on the map. It also happens to be one of the first craft beers that I could really get into, plus the bottle glows in the dark!

Though unlike Shiner Bock, this is an actual Bock style of beer. C'mon, this is Oregon we're talking about here, they can't mess up beer.....right?

Dead Guy pours a dark amber color with a mild haziness. The head is quite frothy in appearance with good retention and decent lacing. The amount of carbonation visible is also quite low with just a few bubbles.

The aroma starts off with a sweet caramel & honey scent with some light butterscotch, pale malt, floral hop and yeasty notes. Smells a bit like a Maibock!

The flavor has rather malty caramel and honey taste before finishing off with a floral hop, light butterscotch and yeasty flavor. The taste is pretty similar to the nose.

The body is quite thick and heavy in weight but thanks to the low carbonation, comes off as rather creamy and smooth. This is a pretty easy beer to drink and it fits the style well!

I feel that this is a great beer for any craft beer enthusiast as well as anyone who is just getting into craft beer. The flavor is great yet not overwhelming; Heavy yet smooth & an overall pleasure to the senses. Definitely worth picking up should you get the chance!

Rogue Dead Guy Ale - 8.5/10

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