Friday, October 25, 2013

Central Waters Sláinte Review

Name: Central Waters Sláinte
Style: Scottish Ale
ABV: 5.2%

Recently I came across a mix-a-six of Central Waters and decided to review the last couple that I haven't tried out as of yet so keep an eye out for the others...when I decide to get around to it that is. The next beer I have from Central Waters is Sláinte, a Scottish Style Ale. Using my detective skills, I found out that Sláinte means "Health" in Scottish Gaelic and is one of the equivalents of "Cheers" in both Ireland and Scotland.

Sláinte pours dark brown color that borderlines on black. The head is brown and soapy in appearance and the lacing is rather abundant.

The nose starts off with a very roasty and chocolate aroma mixed in with some coffee, barley and light toffee.

While the aroma is quite roasty, flavor-wise it's got a surprisingly sweet chocolate taste along with coffee, roasted malts, toffee and even some mild citrus hops! Astonishing considering it's a darker beer and even the aftertaste has a sweet chocolate finish!

It possess a rather heavy body that has some moderate carbonation to it, allowing one to enjoy the flavors without coming off as too intense.

I'll admit I wasn't expecting too much when I got this but it's a malt-heavy, robust and flavorful beer. As such, I would highly recommend trying this out if you get the chance to do so.


Central Waters Sláinte - 9/10

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