Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Glarus Two Women Lager Review

Name: New Glarus Two Women Lager
Style: Pilsener
ABV: 5%

Two Women is New Glarus' Pilsener offering which, to my understanding, was released in 2010 with a recipe change in 2001. The beer is a collaboration (sort of) between New Glarus Brewing and Sabine Weyermann Malting, the latter of which supplies malts to various brewers and homebrewers alike, at least that's what I found out. The name "Two Women" derives from the fact that both New Glarus Brewing and Weyermann Malting are both owned by women, Deb Carey and Sabine Weyermann respectively. 

Two Women pours a bright orange color with a mild haze and a soapy slight off-white head which has fairly good retention. The carbonation visible in the glass retains a reasonably high level throughout.

The nose consists with an aroma of yeasts, barley, grassiness and pale malts. Fairly typical Pilsener smell and about what I would expect from the style.

The flavor is mainly yeasts, lemon zest, barley, floral hops and pale malts. While the parts may not seem impressive, the flavors themselves are surprisingly robust and well rounded.

The body is fairly light and the carbonation has a surprisingly mild feel to it and the end result is a crisp body and palate.

Two Women Lager is a robust yet well rounded and refreshing Pilsener. Even if you aren't a fan of the Pilsener Style, having a bottle of this will probably change your mind.

New Glarus Two Women Lager - 9/10

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