Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lift Bridge Hop Dish Review

Name: Lift Bridge Hop Dish IPA
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 7.5%
IBUs: 70

As I sit here waiting for Grand Theft Auto 5 to install, I figured I would take this time to review a beer. This one is Lift Bridge Brewing's first venture into the IPA market called "Hop Dish", a tongue-in-check acknowledgement to the casserole called "Hot Dish." According to Wikipedia, the Hot Dish is a popular dish here in the state of Minnesota, which is news to me because it's absolutely disgusting and shouldn't even exist to begin with.

With that said, let's hope that this is alot better than it's namesake "food" which it's named after.

Hop Dish pours a hazy golden color with a semi-foamy head and great lacing. There's some moderate carbonation visible inside of the glass.

The nose starts off with a good mixture of citrus & piney hops along with grapefruit, peach and caramel. Has a nice mixture of both fruity and sweetness.

The flavor starts out with some prominent piney hop and resiny notes before revealing the citrus hop, peach, and caramel malt finish.

The body is light in weight and the carbonation is rather mild, making this an easy to drink IPA.

As expected, Hop Dish beats out a Hot Dish in pretty much every category, including the "Possessing a great flavor that doesn't suck" category. Lift Bridge's first shot at an IPA is a great one and I'm glad to see this one is becoming a regular offering instead of a seasonal.

Lift Bridge Hop Dish - 8.5/10

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