Sunday, July 14, 2013

All Moved In and Couple of Annoucements

It took me a couple of days, but I finally did it: I'm finally moved in! I think I'm going to enjoy my time on the North Shore and the fact that Duluth (and Superior) have such a great craft beer scene will make me enjoy blogging even more.

Ever since I found out I would be moving up here, it has crossed my mind a couple of times that I change the title of my blog; Right now I'm kicking around the idea of changing it to The North Shore Beer Blog. My reason being is that since there is so much going on up here, it's only appropriate that I cover all that. This includes coverage of new breweries opening up & reviews of brewpub offerings in addition to my regular reviews. At this time, the name change is still undecided but my decision to focus on the scene up here on the North Shore is pretty much decided. Think of it as more opportunities for beer reviews!

Anyways, I start my new job tomorrow and be back with a brand new beer review so stick around and thank you!

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