Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Olvalde Auroch's Horn Review

When it comes to the craft beer scene in Minnesota, Olvalde Brewing is somewhat of a more obscure and low profile brewery compared to other new breweries here in Minnesota like Fulton, Surly, and Indeed.

Olvalde is run by one guy, Joe Pond. He handles all of the brewing, bottling, and runs the entire brewery out of his farmhouse. I'm not sure how he does distribution, but I believe it's all handled by him as well. I liken him to Roland Deschain, the lone gunslinger (My readers who are loyal Stephen King fans will get my reference.)

When I was still living in Chicago, I stopped by The Four Firkins during a visit to bring some Minnesota Beer back with me to the Windy City. One of the beers recommended to me was Auroch's Horn, which I brought back with me, so I decided to give this beer a proper review.

Auroch's Horn pours a hazy orange/yellow color with a moderate amount of carbonation. The head is also fairly soapy but lasts a surprisingly long time.

The nose has quite a bit going on here. It has Apples, Honey & other Fruity Notes, along with Yeasts and Malts. It smells less like a beer and more like a mead or cider. It is however, a nice smell and provides a nice sensation to the senses.

The flavor is also pretty in line with the nose; Very sweet Apple, Honey and Fruity Notes, and the aforementioned yeasts and malts. Definitely tastes more like a beer here, and the malty backbone is fairly strong. Definitely one of the more unique tasting ales I've had in a while.

The body is quite light and the mild carbonation provides just enough to add to the flavor. It's also very crisp on the palate but this is beer is more of a sipper than anything else.

If you're feeling adventurous, looking for something different or are just looking for a great beer, Auroch's Horn is just the beer for you. I enjoyed it on the merits of it's rich flavor, drinkability and it's uniqueness. I will be keeping my eyes on Olvalde for future releases.

Olvalde Auroch's Horn - 9.25/10

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