Sunday, June 9, 2013

Great Divide Colette Review

Name: Great Divide Colette
Style: Saison
ABV: 7.3%

Great Divide Brewing Company is the second craft brewer that I ever tried which was based out of Colorado, the first being Fat Tire. They have a pretty good line-up and I think they have one of the best widely available Barleywines and Scotch Ales out there. However I will be dedicating my first Great Divide review to their Colette Saison Ale, which is their Spring Seasonal release. Perfect type of beer to drink right now considering it's quite rainy out right now.

Colette pours a bright hazy yellow color and a soapy head and with just a slight bit of lacing along the sides.

The aroma has a mildly sweet malty scent to it, along with yeasts and fruity notes. Surprisingly sweet smelling for a Saison, which reminds me of New Holland's Golden Cap Saison. The flavor isn't too different from the nose but it has a very slight lemon sourness to it and some cracked pepper flavors.The sweet maltiness is also in there, along with yeasty and fruity notes. It also finishes quite dry with a slight yeastiness.

It's quite moderate in weight and the carbonation is rather mild and it fits quite well with the other elements of this beer.

Colette strikes a good balance between being earthy and sweet in terms of it's flavor. It's a well rounded Saison that comes off as quite sessionable and is an ideal Spring Seasonal for that purpose.

Great Divide Colette - 8.25/10

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