Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brooklyn Pilsner Review

So now we're on the second-to-last beer in the Brooklyn Brewery Sampler Pack and this time it's their Brooklyn Pilsner, which is, obviously their Pilsner...or is it Pilsener? I'm not getting any red squiggly lines under Pilsner or Pilsener, so one could assume it is spelled both ways, but we'll just go by what's on the bottle; Brooklyn Pilsner has an ABV of 5%

This pours a clear & filtered pale yellow/straw color with a high amount of carbonation. The head comes off as soapy but has fairly good retention. It also leaves behind a fairly healthy amount of lacing in the glass.

The aroma has your typical pils notes; Lemon Zest, Yeasts, Pale Malts, Barley and Grassiness. Not as earthy as other pilsners on the market, but the earthy qualities are still there

The flavor, however, has a strong Pale Malt backbone which helps support the Floral Hops, Yeasts and Lemon Zest. Aftertaste is a piney hop resin-like flavor and some earthy-grassiness. Surprisingly prominent malt characteristics, yet it helps balance everything out quite nicely

The body and carbonation are both light, and generally feels refreshing for the most part. It does feel a bit too watery though due to the very low amount of carbonation present; It's a not a big deal but worth noting.

Aside from the minor body issues, this is a pretty good Pilsner. While the flavor doesn't do anything groundbreaking, it is nicely balanced and it makes for a great session beer.

Brooklyn Pilsner - 8/10

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