Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brooklyn Pennant Ale '55 Review

For our next beer from the Brooklyn Brewing Sampler Pack, we have an English Pale Ale clocking in at 5.1% ABV called the Pennant Ale '55 or "Brooklyn Ale" according to This beer is named after the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers who beat the New York Yankees to win the 1955 World Series. Let's be fair, whenever the Yankees lose anything, it is cause for celebration...except for Yankee fans, they will whine like little kids who have just been told they cannot have another chocolate chip cookie after eating 27 of them because it'll spoil their dinner.


Pennant Ale pours a slightly hazy orange color that gradually turns into yellow at the bottom of the glass and leaves behind a filmy head up top. It also leaves behind some pretty good lacing along the sides of the glass.

The nose has faint buttery biscuit notes along with floral hops and barley. You really gotta let it warm up before you start to smell anything truly noticeable. As for the taste, it has a mild butter-biscuit profile, followed by some faint caramel, floral hop and yeast notes. Really isn't much in terms of an aftertaste as it is rather dry save a faint floral hop bitterness.

The body falls in the middle in terms of weight, while the carbonation falls a couple of notches above that; It helps add to the flavor but can come off as a bit too strong.

For a beer that's named after a great sports upset, this is kind of...average. I enjoyed the buttery-biscuit flavor but there simply wasn't enough of it. This could've been an excellent English Pale Ale had the flavor been more vibrant but as it stands, it's just average.

Brooklyn Pennant Ale '55 - 7/10

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