Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Surly Blond Ambition Review

Name: Surly Blond Ambition
Style: Doppelbock/Doppel Hellerbock
ABV: 9%

One of the things that Surly Brewing  Company has done in my absence is the establishment of their Small Batch Series. They're a series of beers that they are somewhat niche in terms of style and they fetch a higher price tag than their mainline offerings. Also, these beers are brewed at their original brewing facility in Brooklyn Center, MN.

Today we're looking at their Blond Ambition, which is described as a Doppel Hellerbock, although other places classify this as a Doppelbock. According to Surly, this beer was also aged on hickory honeycombs, which is an interesting choice if I do say so myself.

Appearance – Clear golden color with a moderate amount of visible carbonation. The head is thin but on the foamier side and there’s a good amount of lacing left behind along the sides of the glass.

Aroma - Pale and caramel malts with some light floral hoppiness. I’m also picking up on some light woodsy notes in here as well.

Taste – Up front, the aforementioned maltiness is front and center, with that light floral hoppiness keeping things in check. The aftertaste has a light boozy heat to it, but it’s kept in check by that caramel maltiness and light woodsy flavor, which shows up in the end.

This is the first Small Batch Series I’ve had and I’m honestly kicking myself for not getting into the series sooner because this is the Surly that I know and love! Blond Ambition serves as a reminder to myself as to why people love Surly in the first place; Plus it’s been a while since I’ve had a good Doppelbock and this was more than adequate. If you see this, definitely pick this one up!

Surly Blond Ambition – 9/10

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