Sunday, February 23, 2020

Central Waters Salted Maple Stout Review

Name: Central Waters Salted Maple Stout
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 10.75%
IBUs: 32

Winter continues its icy grip on the Midwest, so leave it to the residents of the region to come up with ways to deal with the cold. Which brings us to Central Waters’ Salted Maple Stout, an imperial stout brewed with, what else, maple syrup. Oh and they’ve also added a dash of salt for good measure.

It’s worth noting too that while writing this article, I’m wearing what many would consider to be stereotypical Midwestern attire, which consists of a red plaid shirt, tan jeans and a pair of hiking boots. Hey, you have to dress for the occasion!

Appearance – Pitch black with a nice foamy tan-colored head. The lacing left behind is on the spotty side.

Aroma – Strong chocolate malt and roasted barley encompassed by a nice maple sweetness that doesn’t come across as too overpowering.

Taste – Dark chocolate and roasted barley start things off before transitioning to a subtle maple sweetness on the back end of the palate, while still maintaining that dark chocolate bitter sweetness. Aftertaste consists of some mild roastiness and a dash of floral hops and boozy heat.

You know, I like this! It’s nice, warm, possess a good flavor and, to top it all off, the price I paid for this was quite reasonable. It’s by no means the most complex imperial stout out there but this one is nice to sit back and sip on during a nice, quiet winter evening.

Central Waters Salted Maple Stout – 8.5/10

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