Monday, November 4, 2019

Delaforce Red Blend 2015 Review

Name: Delaforce Red Blend 2015
Grapes Used: Tempranillo. Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinta Barroca
Style: Red Blend
Area & Country of Origin: Porto, Douro, Portugal
ABV: 13.5%

For my first wine review, I wasn’t really 100% sure where to start. After all, my experience with reviewing wine is somewhat limited, with my only experience being an article I did on my old website on Next Chapter Winery and their offerings.

So here how it’s going to work, I’ll post whatever technical information up top, just like I normally do with my beer review posts since I’m kind of a geek for numbers & details. However if there’s something that’s missing, I’ll make sure to add them as my posts continue. After all, that’s what I did with my beer posts, especially if you look at my very early posts all the way back to 2013. In any case, let’s move onto our first ever wine review.

Today I’ve got the Delaforce Red Blend. From what I gathered, the winery itself is situated in the Douro River Valley in Northern Portugal and a couple of their claims to fame are their limestone-infused soil, which is supposed to give their wines a distinct flavor and their Port Wine, which is supposed to pretty well known but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. In any case, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Appearance – Dark mahogany color that has an almost plum-like color to it.

Aroma – Upfront I’m getting blackberry notes with some mildly potent tannins. I’m also getting some subtle dark chocolate sweetness in here as well.

Taste – Much like the nose, I’m getting a moderate blackberry flavors with some equally strong tannins & light roasty chocolate notes on the back of the palate. There’s also an encompassing earthiness that is present throughout most of the flavor that gives it a distinct spin. In the aftertaste, I’m picking up on a tannin & dark chocolate mixture that lingers for a few seconds afterwards.

Overall, it’s a good wine and I really appreciated the earthy aspect of the flavor as it gave the flavor some needed balance from becoming too “dark,” if that makes any sense. As it is, this is a solid wine and I could see myself further exploring this region in terms of wine offerings. Check this out should you get the chance!

Delaforce Red Blend – 8/10

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