Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hunyuck Malarkey Review

Name: Hunyuck Malarkey
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.5%

I’ve stated countless times that many breweries have popped up in my absence on this blog and Hunyuck Brew Co. is no exception. Currently, they contract brew at Barley John’s in New Richmond, WI but will one day have a brewery to call their own. I first encountered Hunyuck at the Summer Beer Dabbler last year and was impressed with their Oger IPA, which I covered in an article that I posted on my old website.

Well last week, I just so happened to come across their Malarkey, a new(er) offering from them, at a tasting they were conducting at my regular haunt and decided to give it a shot. What is Malarkey, you ask? It’s their Pale Ale brewed with Mosaic, Centennial & Amarillo hops, along with a “Golden Grain Bill.” What’s a Golden Grain Bill? More importantly, how does it taste? Even more importantly, why does it specifically tell us to serve this colder than a tin toilet seat? Let’s find out.

Appearance – Cloudy dark golden color with lots of carbonation. The head is rather thin but with good retention as is the lacing left behind.

Aroma – Citrus hops with a potent pale/toffee malt base. I'm also picking up on some bitter hoppiness and light yeast notes.

Taste – On the front of the palate I'm getting that Mosaic citrus, which lingers throughout the palate. In the middle is where that toffee Male backbone and yeast flavor comes into play, while the back opens up to a light bitter hoppiness.

In an age where hazy & barrel-aged beers are all the rage, this is a nice call back to the beers that I started out with when I first got into craft beer. The hop profile is on point and, as the label promises, is indeed “crushingly refreshing.” It’s a beer that you can enjoy for its flavor without necessarily having to think about it. As such, it’s an easy beer to recommend!

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