Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Duluth Experience Announces International Partnership to Promote Duluth to European Mountain Bike Enthusiasts

The Duluth Experience, who I've featured many times on this blog, have a new partnership they'd like me to share with everyone. Being an avid cyclist myself, I figured that this is most certainly worth sharing.

International Partnership Promotes Duluth to European Mountain Bike Enthusiasts 

Duluth, MN – The City of Duluth has quickly emerged as a world-class mountain bike destination and The Duluth Experience is hitting the trail to promote Duluth on the European stage. In partnership with Visit Duluth, The Duluth Experience will attend two large conventions designed to connect Dutch and Belgian travelers with unique cycling and hiking destinations around the world. 

Theo Jorna, Executive Director of the Holland-based tourism promoter Holcus Buiten, sees Duluth’s potential. “Duluth provides an excellent mountain bike experience for European tourists because it combines great cycling with beautiful scenery and you can spend many days exploring the trails and the city itself. Unique and relatively unknown destinations like Duluth are in high demand.” 

This year The Duluth Experience will promote its seven-day, all-inclusive mountain bike adventure package that showcases The Duluth Traverse – a purpose-built mountain bike trail that recently earned designation as a Gold-Level Ride Center from the International Mountain Bicycling Association.

Visit Duluth President Anna Tanski explains, "Duluth’s status as a Gold-Level Ride Center - one of six in the world - has established Duluth’s presence on the international mountain biking scene.” 

While it’s true the city boasts more continuous miles of purpose-built single-track mountain bike trails than any other city in the nation, Duluth also offers amazing arts and cultural experiences. “I like to say that Duluth has an epic backcountry feel with an authentic frontcountry vibe” says Dave Grandmaison, Co-Founder and CEO of The Duluth Experience. “Our guests get to spend the day exploring scenic trails overlooking Lake Superior and enjoy the great food, amazing beer, and vibrant arts and culture that really define Duluth’s international appeal.” 

Grandmaison will promote The Duluth Traverse Mountain Bike Adventure at the two conferences in February – one in Utrecht, Netherlands and the second in Ghent, Belgium. The tour package, which includes everything from airport pickup to hotel accommodations, guided tours, equipment and meals starts this summer.

Tanksi adds “The Duluth Experience mountain bike tour package provides a vital link that international visitors look for when booking an outdoor getaway in the US. This essential service is the centerpiece of our international marketing efforts focused in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany." 

About The Duluth Experience: 
The Duluth Experience is a locally owned and operated tour company dedicated to creating fun and educational experiences that connect people to the businesses, places, stories and adventures that define the Northland’s rich natural, historical, and cultural identity. 

About The Duluth Traverse Adventure Package: 
Details about the Multi-Day Duluth Traverse Mountain Bike Adventure can be found online at:

Press Contact: 
David Grandmaison 
The Duluth Experience, LLC 
Phone: (218) 464-6337 

Those who have been reading this blog for a while know how much I admire what The Duluth Experience has been doing for the area and I see this as the next step in getting their name out there. If you haven't been to Duluth yet and want to get a real flavor of the scene (figuratively or literally, depending on who you are), these guys won't let you down.


- Nick

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