Thursday, December 15, 2016

Swag Brewery Hard Cider Soap Review

It's time to look at the final soap sent to me from Swag Brewery, except this time it isn't a beer soap but a Hard Cider soap. That's right, due to the upswing in craft ciders in recent years, they're finally acknowledging cider fans out there by offering a cider soap that is brewed with craft cider.

I'll admit that while I consider myself a craft beer aficionado, I do enjoy the occasional cider, in special regard to 2 Towns Ciderhouse, which I will try to get around to reviewing at a later time. For the time being, this'll be my first cider-related post.

When I first opened this, I was greeted immediately to a powerful aroma of cinnamon, apple pie, nutmeg and a light malt booziness. Honestly, I'm reminded more of a Yankee Candle than it did as a soap.

Upon application, I'm still getting that powerful cinnamon and nutmeg aspect with some sweet apple notes and light malt/booze aroma. The apple and cinnamon are the strongest here still, but there's just a hint of that hard cider in here.

What can I say, it's a solid soap and it reminds me of a spiced hard cider, plus it smells awesome as well. Like the other soaps, this one is certainly worth buying, whether it be for yourself or someone else.

Stay tuned this weekend, because I've got a special review lined up for this weekend!

Should You Buy This? - Yes

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