Thursday, December 8, 2016

Swag Brewery Breakfast Stout Soap Review

It's Christmas time, which means buying gifts for your family and making out as many credit cards as humanly possible in the process! I'm here to assist in that process by looking at some products that were sent to me by Max from Swag Brewery. First I'll be venturing into familiar territory by looking at a few soaps that were sent to me plus some beer-infused hot sauces that I will be trying out this weekend. I first reviewed Swag's soaps three years ago and I enjoyed

First up is a Breakfast Stout inspired soap, which is made with beer and coffee grounds and reminds me of a hockey puck. In fact, after I tried it out this morning, my wife asked me why I left a hockey puck in the shower.

When I unwrapped this, I got some very distinct coffee, lavender and peanut butter like aroma. In fact, it almost reminded me of taking a whiff of a peanut butter porter. Upon usage, I was definitely getting more of that lavender and coffee aroma, along with some oatmeal notes and an aloe vera cooling sensation. So it was probably the mix of ingredients that was convincing me it was peanut butter I was smelling when it really wasn't. It's also worth noting that this soap will not make you smell like beer.

So is it worth it? I think it is simply because I think it smells awesome and it's a good gift idea for the craft beer lover in your life. Stay tuned because I've got a couple more soaps to review as well as a beer-infused hot sauce review round-up coming up.

Should You Buy This? - Yes

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