Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Harpoon Sweet Spot Review

Name: Harpoon Sweet Spot
Style: Blonde Ale
ABV: 4.8%
IBUs: 26

Here we have another brewery that has made it's appearance here in Minnesota and it's a brewery that I've heard quite a few times and seen a few times when I was on the East Coast earlier this year. I give to you Harpoon Brewing. The bottle even comes with a message on the back that  addresses the residents of Minnesota with a heartfelt message about how they're excited to finally be in our market.

So I'm starting things off with their Sweet Spot Golden Ale, with the declartion that this is beer where "Smooth meets Complex." A bold claim considering that I've always considered blonde ales to be some of the more simpler styles out there when it comes to flavor

Appearance - Fairly clear yellow color with a high amount of visible carbonation. The head starts out fairly foamy and remains so for the most part and the lacing left behind is somewhat on the spottier side.

Aroma - Pale malts and grassy/earthy notes with some mild floral hops thrown in. Honestly, it smells like a Pilsner at first glance.

Taste - Pilsner & pale malts upfront with some grassiness in the middle. In the back, I'm getting some light floral hops and some mild bitter hops on the aftertaste, which lingers around for a moment but is otherwise quite dry.

Complex, this is not. Smooth, it most certainly is. Yes, despite the fact that this reminds me more of a Pilsner than anything else, this manages to be drinkable if nothing else. So if you see this, it's worth checking out.

Harpoon Sweet Spot - 8/10

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