Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Empyrean Long Route Peanut Butter Porter Review

Name: Empyrean Long Route Peanut Butter Porter
Style: Porter
IBUs: 20

Today I've got an interesting beer from Empyrean Brewing called Long Route, and it's a porter made with peanut butter. I haven't had many beers from Empyrean, with only one review on this website, and a couple of times at JL Beers based on my Untappd checkins.

Appearance - Pitch black with a thin white head that is mostly filmy. The lacing is quite abundant, however.

Aroma - Strong peanut butter smell that makes up the bulk of the nose, but I am getting some light lactose, chocolate malts and roasted barley notes in here as well. However, it's still mostly peanut butter.

Taste - Strong peanut butter notes on the front of the palate and throughout. The back end of the palate opens to some moderate lactose and chocolate malt notes with a light roasted barley flavor. In the aftertaste, the peanut butter flavor gains a bit more steam and finishes with a nice kick.

Well, they're not lying about the peanut butter because it's here in spades. However, I feel the overall flavor feels more like a milk stout than a porter because the roastiness is just not that strong here and I think it comes across as somewhat overpowering. It's still a drinkable beer but this wouldn't be my first choice for a peanut butter porter.

Empyrean Long Route Peanut Butter Porter - 7/10

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