Friday, September 2, 2016

Stillwater Artisanal Nu-Tropic Review

Name: Stillwater Artisanal Nu-Tropic
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6%

Well, it's another beer from Stillwater Artisanal and this ones name is Nu-Tropic. Keeping in tradition with many of their beers, it has a label that is.......different, with just of bunch of wavy squiggly lines that are purple and maroon in color. However, unlike many of their beers, this one doesn't have an explanation behind the name on neither the website or can, but simply a question asking us "Oh, you like fruit IPAs now?"

Oh yes, speaking of which, this is an IPA made with passionfruit and mango. So maybe it's called Nu-Tropic because it's made with tropical fruit? It's not a bad guess, in any case!

Appearance - Hazy and cloudy pale yellow color with mild visible carbonation and some sprinklings of sediment. The head is quite foamy and the lacing left behind is abundant and sticky.

Aroma - Getting some citrus and bitter hops with notes of mango, but not so much with the passionfruit. There's also a moderate pale malt back bone in here as well.

Taste - Bitter hops dominate the front of the palate with that pale malt backbone backing things up in the middle. It's in the middle where the light citrus hops make a brief appearance. Towards the back, however, things start to light up; As in those passionfruit and mango flavors make themselves known in a big way

This beer kind of reminds me of an inverse relationship between two twenty-somethings. Instead of starting out sweet and ending bitter, this one starts out bitter and finishes quite sweet. It's an interesting twist on something I'm used to seeing normally, but it's a twist that I definitely could get used to! It may be a notch more pricey than what I'm used to seeing, but I think it's worth it.

Stillwater Artisanal Nu-Tropic - 9/10

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