Monday, July 4, 2016

Evil Twin Liquid Double Fudge Review

Name: Evil Twin Liquid Double Fudge
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 12%

I think of all the Evil Twin beers I've reviewed thus far, more than half of them have been Imperial Stouts. It's really no fault of my own, they just so happen to make a lot of Imperial Stouts and I just so happen to find and drink them. What makes today's beer, Liquid Double Fudge, so special? Well, unlike many of Evil Twin's bomber bottles, I got this at the low price of $6 and it wasn't even on sale!.

Now I love bargains like anyone else, but my experience with bargain Imperial Stouts has been mixed and not all of them have been good, at least in my experiemce. With the case of Evil Twin, some of their Imperial Stouts have been good and others that have been not-so-good so I'm going into this with a fair amount of skepticism,

Appearance - Pitch black with a dark brown head and some pretty good lacing along the sides of the glass.

Aroma - Chocolate malts and milk chocolate sweetness with some roasted barley and a light amount of smokiness

Taste - Strong chocolate malts and roasted barley on the front of the with some bitter and citrus hops in the middle with some pretty heavy smokiness rounding things out in the end. The aftertaste is mainly chocolate malts with some light bitterness

Wow, out of all the bargain Imperial Stouts I have, Liquid Double Fudge is probably the one of best ones I've had so far. In fact, it's so good that I would happily pay a couple extra dollars just to have it again. It isn't perfection like Bell's Neptune was nor is it anything I haven't already seen, but this is still an exceptional beer. As stated before, I was a bit skeptical at first, but with the overall flavor, you're getting more than your money's worth with this beer.

Evil Twin Liquid Double Fudge - 9/10

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  1. I just got a text from JLBEERS sing they have a limited amount so read your blog to see if it was worth trying. Thanks for the great description, I can't wait totry it!