Monday, July 18, 2016

Bell's Quinannan Falls Review

Name: Bell's Quinannan Falls
Style: Pale Lager
ABV: 6.5%

It''s been almost 2 weeks but I am finally back from my long overdue vacation. I had a lot of good beers while I was away and I intend to write about them at a later date, but for the time being, I want to get back to reviewing beer.

Today I have the newest release from Bell's Brewery called Quinannan Falls, which is described as a special lager beer that is dry hopped. Based on the name, you would assume that this beer takes it's name from Quinannan Falls, which it totally does, except for the fact that it doesn't exist. You see, this waterfall was part of a dream that Larry Bell (the founder of Bell's had) at some point in his life and was described as being up north somewhere in a forest.

Appearance - Fairly clear yellow straw color with a high amount of carbonation and a light amount of haze. The head starts out with a lot of volume but it has a base retention of 1-finger in width with some pretty good lacing.

Aroma - Pale malts with some lager yeasts, along with some mild floral hops with just a touch of dry hops.

Taste - Upfront I am getting some pale malts which lingers throughout, but towards the middle I am getting some mild-to-moderate floral hops with some light piney hops to back it up, both of which also linger towards the end. Speaking of which, the back end of the palate ends things with a light touch of bitter hoppiness with a very dry aftertaste, save for some light lager yeasts.

Overall, I liked this. It's a bit stronger for a lager but it manages to be rather enjoyable nevertheless. I'm not sure if this is a one off offering but it's worth checking out should you find it.

Bell's Quinannan Falls - 8.5/10

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