Sunday, June 5, 2016

Prairie Artisan Ales Phantasmagoria Review

Name: Prairie Artisan Ales Phantasmagoria
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 8%
IBUs: 70

Phantasmagoria - a confusing or strange scene that is like a dream because it is always changing in an odd way

Ever have one of those times when you're at the store and you literally do a double take because you can't believe it's there? Well, that's what happened the other day when I was at the store and I saw today's beer sitting there. Yes, it seems that Prairie Artisan Ales has quietly arrived on the store shelves here in Minnesota. It's one of those breweries that I have seen in trades on the r/beertrade Sub-Reddit, usually in the form of their Bomb! Stout.

We're not looking at Bomb! yet, but we do have Phantasmagoria, which is their Imperial IPA. I don't know too much about it since their other beers seemingly hog all the attention but we'll give it a try anyways!

Appearance - Hazy dark yellow with no visible carbonation. The head is about 1 finger in width and foamy and the lacing is also quite good

Aroma - Strong citrus and mango notes upfront with a mix of pale and caramel maltiness and some moderate yeastiness

Taste - Citra & bitter hops with some pale and caramel malts in the middle with a bittersweet hoppy finish and some light tangerine notes in the aftertaste that lingers for a few moments.

Having this reminds me of Heady Topper and for me that always a good thing. That said, it isn't anything I already haven't seen but this is quite tasty nonetheless! It's got a nice hop profile with a good malty backbone to help balance it out. If you see this, I would absolutely recommend checking this out!

Prairie Artisan Ales Phantasmagoria - 8.5/10

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