Sunday, May 1, 2016

Oskar Blues Beerito Review

Name: Oskar Blues Beerito
Style: Vienna Lager
ABV: 4%
IBUs: 21

The other day I was at the store when I saw this beer staring at me on the shelf. That's right, it's a brand new offering from Oskar Blues called Beerito, which is described as the brewery as a Mexican Lager. At first, I assumed this was going to be something along the lines of a beer like Corona or Modelo, but it's actually a Vienna Lager which I wasn't expecting.

Appearance - Dark & mildly orange color with a moderate amount of visible carbonation. The head is nice and foamy and there's even some lacing left behind along the sides of the glass.

Aroma - Pale & light vienna malts with some mild roastiness and light cereal grains. I'm even picking up on some very faint floral hoppiness as well. If this is what a Mexican lager is supposed to smell like, then I've been drinking the wrong kind so far.

Taste - Light pale and vienna malt with some very light bitter hops on the back of the palate....and that's it. There's not even an aftertaste or anything.

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't expecting too much with this beer but this is just about as bland of a beer as Good Ass Beer & Michelob Golden Light and that's sad because it started out rather promising. C'mon Oskar Blues, you're better than this! If you can make a good session IPA, then surely you can do the same with lagers? To its credit, it's not offensive but that's because there isn't really much here to begin with. Even at the low price of $7 for a six-pack, I'd still pass on this.

Oskar Blues Beerito - 3.5/10


  1. Agreed. I didn't finish the can. If you want a great example of a Vienna Lager try Negra modelo.