Sunday, May 1, 2016

Indeed Lavender, Sunflower Honey and Dates (AKA LSD) Honey Ale Review

Name: Indeed Lavender, Sunflower Honey and Dates (AKA LSD) Honey Ale
Style: Fruit Beer
ABV: 7.2%
IBUs: 20

How have I not gotten around to reviewing this beer? Despite the widespread availability of Indeed Brewing, I have never once tried their LSD, which stands for Lavender, Sunflower Honey and Dates. In fact, it used to be called LSD, which made it nice and short but there are the man decided that the acronym wasn't going to fly. For this review, I'll be referring to this beer as LSD since the new name is quite long.

So about LSD itself! One of the brewers (I'm blanking on the name) for Indeed used to work at Town Hall as a brewer and this was a recipe that he created during his time over there. When Indeed opened their doors, he decided to take his recipe from Town Hall to his new humble abode and here we are!

Appearance - Clear dark orange color with a moderate amount of visible carbonation. The head is pretty thin for the most part but it has a good amount of head retention.

Aroma - I'm getting some lavender upfront with some plum notes that I would assume are the dates. I'm also getting some floral hops along with a bit of caramel maltiness.

Taste - Plums and floral hops upfront, followed by some honey sweetness and lavender notes towards the middle, while the back end of the palate has more lingering lavender notes with some caramel sweetness and a touch of honey in the aftertaste.

I'm use my one free drug pun for this review: This LSD is one worth taking a trip Well in any case, it's a good beer and the fact it's no longer in a 750ml bottle and instead in cans is not only a welcome change but it'll give the beer a wider appeal since Indeed is no longer limited to just the Minnesota market.

Indeed Lavender, Sunflower Honey and Dates Honey Ale - 8.5/10

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