Thursday, December 3, 2015

Schell's Snowstorm (2015) Review

Name: Schell's Snowstorm (2015)
Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 6.2%

Alright everyone, the holidays are officially here so for the next several reviews, I'll be doing pretty much all winter seasonal beers. In order to keep myself from hating winter seasonal beers as a whole, I'll be breaking up the monotony with some beers that recently became available in the marketplace. So let's do this!

First up is a beer that has become an annual tradition on this website and that is August Schell's Snowstorm. Every year when this beer is released, the style changes along with it. Last year, it was a Grand Cru/Belgian Strong Ale and this year, Schell's is returning to Belgium with a Wallonian-Style Brown Ale. Wallonia is, of course, a region in southern Belgium.

Appearance - Clear dark brown color with a high amount of visible carbonation. The head takes on a thin but foamy khaki color and the lacing left behind is mild but sticky.

Aroma - Chocolate malts, bubblegum & cotton candy notes. I'm getting some light floral hoppiness and butter toffee sweetness in here too

Taste - Strong Belgian yeasts and cloves on the front of the palate followed by some bubblegum notes. The middle of the palate possesses some solid chocolate maltiness, cotton candy and banana notes. The aftertastes consists mainly of Belgian yeasts & chocolate malts with a light floral hoppiness.

You know what, this is probably the best beer in the Snowstorm Series I've had yet. In fact, this is best beer I've had from Schell's since I had their Cave-Aged Barrel Aged Lager earlier this year. Needless to say, you absolutely need to check this out if you see this on store shelves. Since winter is just kicking off, finding this beer shouldn't be too much trouble. Cheers to the guys at Schell's for making yet another fine Snowstorm this year.

Schell's Snowstorm (2015) - 9.25/10

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