Monday, November 9, 2015

Lift Bridge Farm Girl Review

Name: Lift Bridge Farm Girl
Style: Saison
ABV: 5.8%
IBUs: 19

I've recently noticed that my reviews of Minnesota-based beers has become somewhat sparse, which happens when you have a good selection to choose from. So I took it upon myself to pick up a couple of beers from Lift Bridge Brewing. One of these beers is their Farm Girl Saison.

I recall taking a tour of their brewery a couple years back and I remember the tour guide telling me that Farm Girl was their highest selling beer and considered by many to be their flagship beer. Makes sense when I think about how often I see it in both 6 & 12 packs in pretty much every store I see. I remember when just 4 years ago, this was an absolute pain to find because the stores literally couldn't keep it in stock, at least the ones I visited.

Appearance - Very cloudy pale yellow color with a very high amount of visible carbonation. The head looks foamy at first, but in all reality, it's quite fizzy and fades away after just a couple of moments almost entirely.

Aroma - Strong pilsner malts paired with some potent grassy notes. I'm also getting some mild Belgian Yeasts and clove notes, along with just a light hint of cardboard & booziness. Those last two may sound bad, but in all reality, they're not.

Taste - Belgian Yeasts & pilsner malts upfront, followed by some moderate floral hoppiness, cloves and some earthy grassiness. Aftertaste is surprisingly dry save for some more mild floral hoppiness and light grass notes.

It's a little too earthy for my liking but I can see why this is so popular with Minnesota beer drinkers, particularly those who are really into imports from places like Belgium or Germany. The most important thing is that it's inoffensive and a solid Saison at the end of the day.

Lift Bridge Farm Girl - 8/10

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