Saturday, November 28, 2015

Good Ass Beer Review

Name: Good Ass Beer
Brewed By: Rhinelander Brewing Company/Minhas Brewing Company
Style: Light Lager
ABV: 4.2%

I've got a beer for everyone today and it's one whose origins are interesting to say the least. Before I get into that, lets turn back the clock a few months. It all started back in July when I had moved back to the Twin Cities after living in Duluth for the past two years. Unbeknownst to myself, living in Duluth had kept me in the dark about some happenings that were going on in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, despite my constant visits to the Twin Cities & my daily readings of area news sources like the Star Tribune and City Pages.

As I was driving to work the Monday after I moved back, I was listening in to the Half Assed Morning Show on the 93X Radio Station when one of the prizes that was being given away was 20 cases of what they called "good ass beer." Naturally I assumed that they were giving away 20 cases of good craft beer like Stone, Indeed, etc. It wasn't until I got to work that day that I found out that the beer was literally called....Good Ass Beer.

So where did this Good Ass Beer come from? How did it go from being a virtual unknown beer to something that the local rock station was promoting the hell out of? Well, I did some digging around and I found out the Rhinelander Brewing Company in Rhinelander, Wisconsin makes this beer but they either do, or did, contract brew at Minhas Brewing Company in Monroe, Wisconsin, which is the 10th largest brewery in America. I also know Minhas does a lot of contract brewing along with City Brewing, which is based out of La Crosse, Wisconsin.

As for the beer, the can is very basic in design. It's plain white in color with just two logos which is show donkey with a bottle cap as a halo with the words "Have a Good Ass Time!" below and on the back of the can is the Surgeon General's warning and some nutritional facts; Who knew that this beer has almost one full gram of protein? The can reminds me of a lecture I had during my junior year Economics class. My professor told us that he was so broke that he bought a 6-pack of beer that was a white can that just said "Beer" in big, bold, black letters on the front and nothing else.

Appearance - Very pale yellow color with a mild amount of visible carbonation. The head has a good amount of volume to it but there is no lacing left behind at all.

Aroma - Cereal grains, cardboard sweetness, light cooked veggies, some pale malts and a light hint of booziness. Nothing really much else here

Taste - Pale malts, cereal grains and that all? No more flavors? Not even an aftertaste? Nope, that is all I am getting here. There isn't even the appearance of a single hop, it's almost like they were not given an invite to the flavor party.

I think a better name would be Bland Ass Beer because that this what this pretty much is: bland. Now I can see myself drinking this when it's a hot summer day with temperatures reaching an excess of 100 Degrees but that is probably the ONLY time I would be drinking this beer.

In defense of this beer, the price point is very low at around $4 a six-pack and around $15 for a twenty-four pack. When you look at it from a economical point of view, you are getting your money's worth so I guess I could recommend this if you're on a budget. And.......I suppose if you are looking to ween yourself off of beers like Michelob Golden Light or Bud Light, then this would be a good beer to start with but that's pretty much all I can say that is good about this beer. If you have a couple extra dollars to spare, buy yourself a better six-pack.

Good Ass Beer - 4/10


  1. I saw it on the shelf the other day an decided to try it after a half a can I renamed it to nasty ass beer

  2. Not bad for a light beer, 30% cheaper that Bud/Coors and it's supporting a smaller company.