Sunday, October 11, 2015

Revolution Anti-Hero IPA Review

Name: Revolution Anti-Hero IPA
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.5%
IBUs: 70

Moving on to my next beer in my Chicago beer mail, here's a beer that I actually remember having during my time in the Windy City. This is Revolution Brewing's Anti-Hero IPA and I sort of declare this to be my de facto IPA of Chicago. In the 3 years since I've had this beer, the label artwork is still the same with Hoptimum's eye-patched brother leading his paratroop hop brethren on the offensive.

As for the taste of the beer itself, my mind is a bit fuzzy in that regard aside from myself remembering that I liked it at the time of consumption. Thankfully there were 2 cans sent to me in this beer mail so it'll help jog my memory a bit.

Fun Fact: The stars on the hat and parachutes comes from the stars on Chicago's city flag.

Appearance - Fairly hazy bright orange color with a mild amount of visible carbonation. The head is quite foamy and there is a ton of lacing retention going on here.

Aroma - Strong mango & citrus notes upfront paired with some mild piney hoppiness. I'm also picking up on some solid caramelized maltiness, bitter hops and some mild yeastiness.

Taste - Right away, I'm getting a mix of strong citrus & floral hop notes, the former of which takes on a mango/apricot quality to it, with a slight hint of piney hop bitterness on the back end of the palate. The caramel malt backbone is reasonably strong here and some moderate bready-biscuit notes in here too. Aftertaste consists mostly of caramel malts with a hint of hop bitterness.

Anti-Hero manages to hit all the right notes in terms of what a traditional IPA should be and manages to find a great balance in the process. In short, this is what all IPAs should aspire to be. No it's not for beginners but not every beer needs to be, where's the fun in that? In short, this is a great IPA and any fan of the style owes it to themselves to try this out.

Revolution Anti-Hero IPA - 9.5/10

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